Translate your expertise into a message that resonates.

Leverage a logical framework to attract the right clients and recognition, and the revenue that comes with both.

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You’re talented. You know your stuff. But something’s changed…

Whether the change is who you serve, how you do it, or you simply want more of a certain client type, you can tell that your usual messaging isn’t working.

You catch yourself overcomplicating things, delving into how the sausage is made, and it takes a long time to explain what you do.

The wrong people say yes.

The right people say no.

Working on your message is frustrating, because you’re great in a room, but not so great on the page.

You’ve tried DIYing it, but it takes energy away from what you love to do: enhancing the impact of other smart people. And there are so many who need what you offer, if you could just get the words out.

You just want a message that people actually listen to.

I know how to make that happen.

What if you finally...

Positioned yourself as expert, instead of just an option?

Had a strategist by your side who made messaging easy, doable, and fun?

Updated all your “stuff" so that it’s simple to understand?

Had a message framework you knew leverage to grow your business for the foreseeable future?

Alexis too

Go from overthinking it, to growing your business with your message.

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Figure out where you stand and what your messaging needs so that it consistently drives your growth. We'll build a clear plan. No. More. Guesswork.

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We'll define how you can best connect and build trust with the various hearts and minds in your audience. Saying "lots of things" and seeing what sticks will be a think of your past.

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Make the complex simple. We'll build your positioning strategy so that it's easy to understand who you are and what you do.

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"It's not about you" might have worked in 2012, but not today. You'll learn how to tell your story as a trustworthy and relatable expert.

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We'll map your new messaging strategy across 3 key web pages you need in order to turn visitors into leads. Go from confusing to clear and straightforward.

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Generate all of the content pillars you need to begin sharing your message in a way that matters to prospective clients. You’ll have a process for getting the most mileage possible from messages you create.

"It’s so much clearer than when
I was trying to do it alone."

Mixed signals? Not anymore.

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Set up a time to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of your brand message.

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Collaborate with me to translate what you do into messaging that matters.

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Become the obvious choice in your market by saying the right things in the right places.

FAQs About The Message Maker Process

The Message Maker process works best for service-based businesses.

Whether it's just you, or you and a few team members, you’re growing and not new to business.

Your expertise likely falls within these buckets:

  • Leadership Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Strategy Consulting
  • Org. Development | Change Management
  • Career Coaching
  • HR Consulting, DEI Consulting
  • Management Consulting
  • Framework-based Coaching: Dare to Lead, StrengthsFinder, DiSC, Leadership Circle, Myers-Briggs — you get the picture!

It's best not to drag this out. Start and stop message work dilutes your brand and delays you from connecting with clients who easily see your value.

Our goal as we schedule our sessions will be to complete the process in roughly 30 days.

The Message Maker process will give you:

  • A framework: You’ll be able to turn to this foundation for headlines, taglines, subject lines, and content to update your social media profiles
  • Three pages of web copy that prompts visitors to take action (typically, a home page, about page, and sales page)
  • A professional bio for pitching/speaking
  • Three pieces of long-form content to spread and support your new message
  • Short form content too!

But you also actually get:

  • Better clients
  • Muscle memory - once you understand the logic you can easily delegate your messaging, or quickly DIY your own tweaks
  • More engagement (and revenue)
  • Ick-free sales conversations
  • More time, because you’re not busy worrying about “what to write”

Me doing the writing for you only works when you’ve already established your positioning and messaging strategy.

We do this together so that you go further faster, without staying stuck in endless edits or what I like to call “revision ping-pong.”

Their names are Simplicity and Clarity. They are here to eat your word garbage!

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Like cheat codes for writing about your brand.

Keep these Message Makers at the ready for when you need to create a message that's impossible to overlook. OR Google some ideas instead, fall down an internet rabbit hole, and end up buying another pair of Nikes. 100% your call.