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The Idea Amplifier is for you, if you...

Feel invisible, despite being talented

Wish it didn't take multiple conversations, or "over explaining" to share what you know

Crave time, space, and structure to shape your ideas

Need a message refresh, because something in your business (or brain) has changed

Want to stand out in a crowded space

Are tired of talking to brick walls

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What if 45 seconds was all it took to get someone excited about your idea?

This is an interactive workshop, designed just for corporate consultants, coaches, and leadership voices who want to become known for their brilliance.

What you’ll get from our time together:

  • Messaging that you can immediately use to share your idea (in an email, blog content, social media post → it’s up to you)
  • The ability to fortify your insights so that they stand up to the 5 most commonly occurring minds in any audience
  • A process for breaking down even your most nuanced ideas so that they’re easy to understand, adopt, and act on

Next session: Tuesday, June 11th, Noon – 1:30pm eastern (90 minutes)

Erica Breuer

Your Thought Partner & Messaging Strategist

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Sharing your brilliance shouldn't require an MBA in marketing – that’s my firm belief after 10+ years of experience of amplifying voices in the consulting and startup arenas, including my own.

I understand the frustration of seeing what needs to change in your space, but having your ideas to go stale because you lack a strategy for sharing your message.

That's why I created the Idea Amplifier Workshop.

“There is no way I’d come up
with a tenth of the ideas & words."

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How it works

Go from option to expert with
what’s already in your head

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Click the button below to reserve your spot and receive access to our next event (90 min/Zoom).

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You’ll need ONE insight to work with during the workshop. Unrefined or “still in the thinking stage” ideas are welcome!

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Together we’ll walk through a three-phase generative writing process to translate your idea into a stand-out message.

Next session: Tuesday, June 11th, Noon – 1:30pm eastern (90 minutes)


10 Places to Find Your Next Big Idea

Hidden In Plain Sight Cheat Sheet

Reserve your spot in the Idea Amplifier Workshop and receive my "10 Places Your Next Big Idea is Hidden" cheat sheet. Set yourself apart from the other carbon-copies in your space. It’s time to amplify your ideas, insights, and voice.

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Next session: Tuesday, June 11th, Noon – 1:30pm eastern (90 minutes)